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Youth and Family Ministry

Our Youth and Family Ministry honors each child and family as a perfect expression of God! Each Sunday, our classrooms are full of children and teens exploring Unity principles and teachings in a fun, engaging, safe, and interactive environment. Each classroom is staffed by a team of loving and dedicated volunteers who enthusiastically interact with the children to draw forth the spiritual truth that already resides within each child. And as any volunteer will tell you, the children end up drawing out new truths in us every Sunday too!

Classroom Focus
Sunday lessons focus on reinforcing the idea that God is with us, around us, everywhere present and that we are loved unconditionally. We also begin to establish a basic understanding of the Bible and how the stories in the Bible reflect Unity principles. Other sacred writings and contemporary children’s stories are also used. The children are encouraged to connect with their inner wisdom and to live the Truth they know.

At our 11:00 Service, we provide the following

Nursery (Infant – 2 yrs) We provide a nurturing and loving environment for infants in which the first Unity principle they learn is that they are loved unconditionally.

Unitots (2 – 3 yrs) We provide a fun environment for toddles in which they can begin to explore Unity principles through play and creativity.

Preschool (4 – 5 yrs) Our preschool children follow various Unity curricula in which they being to explore their spirituality.
Lower and Upper Elementary (1st – 5th grades) Our elementary program uses several different curricula on a rotating basis. All deal with Unity principles and children are given many opportunities to discuss and learn how these principles are active in their everyday lives and throughout the world.

Uniteens (6th – 8th grades This very special and unique age group also use a variety of curricula on a rotating basis, most of which ties in concepts such as self-image and peer pressure with Unity principles.

Youth of Unity (Y.O.U) (9th – 12th grades)

Our Y.O.U. follows a unique curriculum in which each student gets the opportunity to lead lessons throughout the year. They also attend rallies and other events throughout the year.

Our co-founder Myrtle Fillmore heard Spirit asking this question, “Who will take care of the children?” Of course, her answer was “I will!”

We invite you to go to your heart and prayerfully consider serving our children in this most important way by becoming a part of our Youth and Family Ministry team. Our church community is growing!

If you are interested in learning more about our Youth and Family Ministry program or if you would like to apply for the position, please contact:

Travis Heckmaster
Youth and Family Director